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  • For bulk products, without our packagings and brands displayed, we offer up to 50% discount on the value of the retail packed kilogram.

Matatabi, a stick cats love to chew and play with

About Us

We are suppliers specialized in the production and resale of catnip, matatabi (silver vine), products and toys for cats.
Quality products for cats.


Here you find high quality cat products for the most demanding kittens

Exclusive wholesale prices for you who work with cats


We also have cost-benefit atractive cat products in our store

We deliver worldwide so you can have the best cat products!


We ship catnip, matatabi and other cat products worldwide

What is Catnip?

Catnip is a plant of that brings several proven benefits to cats, makings kittens happy, playful and calm.

Along with Valerian and Matatabi (Silver Vine), Catnip is one of the most known herbs that cats love to be around.

Veterinarians and scientific studies from important institutions recommend Catnip without counterindications for cats.
Catnip, the plant cats like the most!

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